I went Little Axe to watch some little league basketball today thinking it would be nice to sit and enjoy watching some kids play a game. Then I saw the officials. They had on the wrong shirts, white shoes, shorts, and their shirts were untucked. OK, I guess I can live with that. What I can’t handle is the mechanics and the way they handled themselves.

What made things worse is a few people were upset with the way the game was being called and one of the officials walked to the bleachers and told the guy to stop or he would throw him out. We are told as officials not to conduct conversations with spectators. Also those people paid money to come watch and give the officials a hard time, it’s part of the game. If someone in the bleachers gets to a point that they are interfering with the game, the official is to find site administration and let them handle it. An official has no jurisdiction over spectators and can not “throw them out”.

There has been multiple times that I have wanted to walk down to the floor and give instructions or offer assistance to officials. Still not quite sure if that would be appropriate. Maybe one day I will get an answer.