Here is an exerpt from the book I’m writing:

I entitled this chapter lifestyle because I’m a big believer that you must change your lifestyle and that diets fail. I’ll start you with an example of a diet lifestyle that started and was extremely effective for myself.

Before I talk about what you consume lets talk about a way to help hold yourself accountable. This accountability is easy to do just by keeping a log. The way I kept my log was digitally. I used a website and an app. These tools came from it will not only keep a log of your intake but it will give you a break down of your nutrient intake as well as a log for weight loss.

This change takes three different diets and combines them into one. The first one involves Herbalife and their meal replacement shakes called Healthy Meal. These shakes are to replace breakfast and lunch. I usually mixed them with vanilla flavored soy milk. The shakes come in many flavors that you can look at online. When it comes to your snacks and dinner I used Weight Watchers. It’s a great tool to help with portions and it can show you some great snacks and recipes. Lastly you need to take care of your vitamins and minerals. This is where Advocare comes in. I used their Coreplex Chewable multi-vitamin, C-Grams, Omegaplex and the Catalyst. Catalyst is used to keep muscle size during times of weight loss. You can purchase these products through

The next supplements that I use is to be taken before a game or exercise. Both of them come from Advocare: The first is O2 Advanced. It helps with the body’s absorption and use of oxygen. The second is Spark. Spark is an energy supplement that is extremely safe and good for you. O2 Advanced is taken 1 hour before activity and Spark is taken 10-15 minutes before. I take these supplements and I’m not gassed or exhausted after times of physical activity.

As for exercise routines I’m a big believer in cardio and circuit training. Both of these can raise your heart rate and help burn fat. Circuit training will help you burn body fat and it will add a little muscle, but not to much that we lose our flexibility. An official needs to be in shape just like an athlete but we don’t need the bulk. We need to be able to run and move down field. If you can do these things without being exhausted then you’ll be able to make crucial decisions without gasping for air and look good while doing it.

The following is an example of a workout routine:

Total Body Circuit – This routine can easily be done at home with little equipment. Each exercise should be done for 45 to 60 seconds. Each super set should be done 2 to 3 time.
Bench Press
Jumping Jacks
Military Press
Walking Lunges
Bicep Curls
Jumping Jacks
Tricep Extensions
Abductor Leg Raises
Adductor Leg Raises

After you’ve done your routine you should always sit for at least 5 minutes and let the body cool down. During this time your body will be burning calories like crazy. After your five minutes be sure to stretch and drink plenty of water.

Here is a great tip. Take your current weight and divide it in half. This should be the number of ounces of water you drink. Also remember to replace your electrolytes as well. After a recent case of dehydration I was informed that I should alternate a glass of water with a glass of Gatorade.