I haven’t posted on here in a long time, been pretty busy. Back in February I was going through some old photos and ran across a few of myself. All I could say was wow! I graduated high school and I weighed 216 and at 6’2″ that wasn’t to bad, still could be better. I jumped, well stepped on it for fear of breaking it, on the scale and it blew my mind when it said I weighed 303! I decided I need to do something. I started getting on the elliptical 4 to 5 days a week for about 30 minutes a day and the weight fell off slowly.

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The first of June I took a totally different approach. I started replacing two meals a day with an Herbalife shake and eating  a somewhat healthy meal for dinner. I changed my exercise routine and started doing two days a week on the elliptical for an hour each time and the other two days I did some interval training on the treadmill. Later that month I had to officiate an all star football game and was chosen to be the referee. I went in the locker room doing my typical routine which includes horse play with the other guys and doing my usual trash talking. I discovered a few years ago if you do that before the game, especially with newer officials, you can relax the others and keep their mind off of what’s about to happen. After “play time” I started getting dressed. A couple seasons ago officials were allowed to wear the new black pants instead of knickers. I purchased my black pants with sliding clips on the sides making the waist adjustable. I put on my black pants and tucked my shirt in and noticed my shirt was way to big around the mid section. I also noticed after buttoning my pants that the waist was way to big as well. I could put both arms inside the waist! I adjusted the clips to tighten the pants and grabbed my belt and had to tighten it up two notches.

After finally getting my clothes adjusted and on I went out on the field. I ran/jogged most of the game and felt great! When the game was over I was ready for another one.

That following day I spoke with a friend of mine about how I felt. He’s the one that told me about Herbalife and interval training and some other tips. I ended up going to the gym with him one day and he introduced me to circuit training. I immediately loved it and hated him. I never been worked so hard and felt so great in my life. After following his advice I now do circuit training twice a week and cardio four times a week. Thanks to his help I’ve made a lot of progress and feel so much better. I’m now weighing 258 and have lost a total of 12.5″. If you’re interested on taking Herbalife I suggest talking to Scott Aldridge or his wife Tori. They’re truly great people and have a passion for health and fitness and helping others. Thanks for all the help!