Seems like just yesterday I was walking out of Boone Picken’s Stadium and putting the uniform back up now I’m going through my bag and double checking I have everything for tomorrow’s scrimmage. This season will bring many new things; one I will be moving from Back Judge to Umpire, two we have new officials on our crew and third is it should be interesting. We will find out tomorrow just what we will need to work on and we will be attempting to become comfortable with each other.

A big thing about officiating is becoming comfortable with your crew mates. We will need to be able to anticipate what each other will do and know that we can count on one another to take care of their responsibilities.

Most people think that officials don’t have anything to do until the play has started. Usually when the play starts we have already done half of our duties for that down. We communicate with each other before the play about formations and identify our “keys”.

Just like players most officials have been practicing by attending meetings, clinics and taking numerous tests.  So the next time you think a guy rolls off the couch and puts a striped shirt, think again. Some of us have been studying and practicing since we first enrolled in our hobby.