The past few seasons I’ve grown more interested in pursuing a career in college football officiating. Never knew that one of the requirements for doing this would be the hardest thing for me to do. Loose weight, one of the things college supervisors look for is an athletic appearance. After watching my game at Stillwater I saw that I do not qualify, not even close to qualify.

It’s not hard to do I find it quite easy. Every “diet” I have attempted results in me losing 20-25 pounds in 6 weeks and once I do that I usually quit. I lose my motivation and find myself back on the couch not doing anything. The problem is not the diet, its me.

I’ve jumped back on the “diet train” with two partners Advocare and Weight Watchers. So far in less than 2 weeks I’ve gone down 7.4 lbs. That weight loss so far has been done by eating right with Weight Watchers and boosting my health with Advocare Supplements.

I feel pretty confident so far especially this time since I have my wife to stand by my side and keep me motivated and looking out for me. She sees my dream of officiating college ball, but she also wants me around for a while. I feel the most important thing in becoming a healthier person is having support from your family and friends