So had my first basketball game of the year and it was the same old stuff. Run down the floor, hear people yell about what they don’t know about or what they cant see and roll my eyes. Between quarters I had a brief conversation with my officiating partner that night, which was dad. He pointed out the freshman class and how he has watched them grow up while officiating. I never thought I would be the one who could also say that.

I remember my first year officiating and the kids that played and they graduated a year or two ago. It’s one of the neat things about officiating. You watch kids grow up from barely being able to catch a ball to hitting it over a 350′ fence.

I’ve been officiating for 14 seasons now and there are so many memories I have from sports that I decided to keep them on this blog. Maybe one day I could write a book of my stories and you could read about your memories of yourself, your child and your grandchildren play ball.