I’ve been writing my stories about officiating for a couple years now and just recently decided to start blogging about it. I haven’t gotten any followers yet but I think this is just the best way for me to keep track of all my stories and memories. Tonight while looking for my basketball rule book and watching a little TV I got a text message from a good friend of mine telling me his uncle had passed away. I’ve know his uncle for well over 20 years, I mean he was the guy who gave me my first hair cut. This man cut my hair my entire life until health issues took him away from the barber chair.

After receiving this news my heart sank. I thought of how the family must be feeling and my own memories of this humorous man. I remembered watching a video, my parents have kept for years, with me sitting in Barney’s barber chair smacking my gum and drooling down the apron that kept most of the cut hair off of me. One Halloween a young man in his mid to late 20’s walked into the Barber Shop and said trick-or-treat. Barney then followed it with some humorous comments that the young man was absolutely clueless about. He walked out of the shop and everyone was looking at each other all thinking the same thing and then Barney blurted out “now go finish building your rocket”. Immediately the entire place started laughing. Of course we all knew it was in good humor. I will never forget the singing either, it didn’t matter who was in the shop he was going to sing a tune just to make you grin or roll your eyes.

I think the main reason I visited his shop was not for just a good hair cut at an even better price, it was for all the information and humor he had to offer. I believe that Barney really loved what he did cause he wasn’t just cutting hair he was providing entertainment as well. Every person that walked into that Barber Shop always left with a smile and good memories.

There will never be a person like Barney. We not only have lost a good person, but a good friend. My thoughts and prayers go out to the Shirey Family in there time of need.

In loving memory: Mr. Barney Shirey December 21st, 2010