My football season ended on a good note. What can be better than calling football in December while everyone watches on Fox Sports? So it now starts a sad time of the year when I have to put up the football uniform and get out that dreaded basketball bag.

I’ve spoke with a lot of basketball officials and only a very few can actually say they love officiating the sport. Most of the guys I talk to say they like the exercise and talking with fellow officials. Then the talk about the worst part. You would think that it would be the coaches, but for the most part its not the case. If a coach gets upset about a call/no call he might holler a little but usually when you get close to him you either explain the rule or tell him what you saw and that’s the end of it. No I believe the worst part about officiating the game of basketball is the fans.

Let me start on a few of my favorites I hear. The first thing is heard in every gym in the state, its when you hear some guy in the stands yell “3 seconds”. Every time I hear that it makes me laugh. Most of the time 3 seconds hasn’t even gone by or the ball will still be in the back court. Another thing is when a shot has been attempted, once the ball leaves the shooters hand there’s no more 3 seconds. The philosophy for 3 seconds is don’t call it unless you feel that the player has gained an obvious advantage and most the time they don’t.

Another one that puts a smile on my face is when you hear a fan holler “charge”. When I hear that I think to myself, “is he cheering, charging batteries? whats he talking about?” Then it dawns on me, he means player control foul.

Then you hear “his feet were moving”. So what! It doesn’t say anywhere that a defender has to be standing stationary for there to be a “charge”. All it says is he has to have a legal guarding position. Your feet can be moving while you are in a legal guarding position.

Well hopefully this basketball season will be over with soon. Only 8 more months till football!